Monuments and landmarks

The historical monuments are a testimony and a bequest of our ancestors who dedicated their lives for the freedom, independence and the development of this region. In the town and its surroundings, you can visit many historical monuments from the times of the Ottoman Empire to the People’s Liberation struggle.

Important buildings, monuments, plaques and memorials in Maleshevo and Berovo

  • Monument of the leader of the Razlovci and Kresna uprisings, Dimitar Pop Georgiev – Berovski, located on the square in Berovo, which also has his name
  • Statue of Dimitar Pop Georgiev – Berovski in front of the monastery in Berovo;
  • Statue of Jane Sandanski on the crossroad between Berovo, Pehcevo and  Vinica, in Smojmirovo;
  • Statue of Dedo Iljo Maleshevski in front of the Primary school in Berovo, which carries his name;
  • Monumental plaque on the place of the house where Dedo Iljo Maleshevski lived, situated close to the town’s square;
  • Monumental plaque for Dame Gruev on the peak Petlec, over the village Rusinovo, where he was killed in 1906;
  • Statue of Dame Gruev in Rusinovo;
  • Monument of Nikola Petrov Rusinski, near the Museum of Berovo;
  • Statue of Nikola Petrov Rusinski in the yard of the school in Rusinovo with his name;
  • Monument of the 50th Division in the village MItrashinci, on the place where it was founded on 17.09.1944;
  • Memorial of the shot citizens in the Second World war, on 03.10.1944, near the town’s stadium in Berovo;
  • Monumental plaque on the police station building in Berovo for the attack on the Bulgarian forces performed by the Fourth Macedonian brigade, on 23.08.1944, when Berovo was liberated;
  • Monumental plaque in front of the kindergarten in Berovo for the deceased fighters in the People’s Liberation struggle;
  • Monumental plaque in Shiroki Dol – Vladimirovo for the formation of the 51st division in 1944;
  • Monumental plaque in Obozna, for the fight between the partisans and a Bulgarian unit, in the time of the May Offense in 1944;
  • Memorial in Suvi Laki where the party delegacy for Maleshevo was formed on 10.05.1942;
  • Statues of Leonid Pecovski, Chedomir Dimitrijevikj and Pante Radinski on the bank of the river Bregalnica, near the Prime Court of Berovo;
  • Statue of Aco Ruskovski in front of the High school in Berovo which carries his name;
  • Statue of Pola Boshnachka in Vladimirovo, a partisan from this village;
  • Statue of Jovan Kozovski, a partisan from Budinarci;
  • Statue of Aco Karamanov, on the road between Berovo and Smojmirovo.
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