Museum of Berovo

The town’s museum is the place where you should start getting to know Berovo.

It is situated in a wonderful building, in the strict town’s centre and it has been renovated in resemblance of the original 19th century architecture. The people of Berovo are emotionally attached to this building because it is one of the trademarks of the town. It is also significant that it was the building of the first school and also the place where the first People’s liberation board was founded.

Many renowned national experts in the fields of history and ethnology participated in the conceptualization of the museum and they managed to make a connection between the parts of the existing exhibition of the monastery complex st. Archangel Michael and new elements and showpieces.

The historical exhibitions of the museum consist of documents and items that showcase the history of the people of the Maleshevo region from the times of Dedo Iljo Maleshevski, Nikola Petrov Rusinski, Dimitar Pop Georgiev Berovski, the Razlovec uprising, the development of the Maleshevo region between the two World wars and after the Second World war.

In order to enrich the exhibition, some incidental findings, like ancient and midcentury coins were added and they speak about the economical development and the trading relations of the Maleshevo region, as well as the existence of the Roman civilization in the area.

The ethnological exhibition consists of a reconstruction of a traditional Maleshevian room, Maleshevian costume, jewelry, pottery, music instruments and a reconstruction of a Maleshevian forge. The museum, as an independent institution, offers a possibility to initiate and perform explorations on the area of the municipality of Berovo and to enrich the museum collection with new artifacts. 

The museum of Berovo is a part of the complex project of improving the town’s centre, which is a priority of the Strategy for sustainable development of the Berovo Municipality, as a main condition which would contribute in the economical and social revitalization of the town, tourism development and the overall positive development of the municipality.

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